______________________Who are we?______________________

Welcome on board!

Madre Mia has just landed in Wroclaw ready to offer you a wide range of possibilities in language courses (English, Spanish, Polish…) within a relaxing atmosphere and a lot of conversation. Join our active lessons: cooking, dancing, culture… Find out for more!

______________________What makes us different?______________________


Using the latest and most useful material on the market, you will soon feel the results.


You will leave the classroom filling totally satisfied with yourself. With us you can be sure you will remember and use all the new words you learn during the lesson.


High educated, well prepared and smiling teachers are willing to solve your doubts and take advantage of your language skills.


______________________What do we offer? How much?______________________

One to one

One to one (60minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes)

Lessons for two

Lessons for two (60 minutes= 45zł/person)

Lessons for groups

Lessons for three (60 minutes= 33zł/person)
Or lessons within a group 4 to 6 people (50 minutes)

Those lessons have different prices depending on the option you choose:
75 lessons: 23zł/lesson (1725zł)
50 lessons: 24zł/lesson (1200zł)
25 lessons: 25zł/lesson (625zł)


Contact us to find out about our possibilities and prices to have your documents translated. (English, Spanish, Polish, German, French.)




Send us your CV if you want to join our team and work with us :) biuro@madre-mia.pl


Madre Mia s.c
Lorena Neira Fernández,
Eloy Escuer Martínez
Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 60/3
50-020 Wrocław biuro@madre-mia.pl

+48 666 469 650 <

NIP: 8971791586,
REGON: 022197451